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VIDEO COBATA (X)HTML Constructor - Presentation COBATA (X)HTML Constructor - Demonstration, Subtitles: English COBATA (X)HTML Constructor - Defense Web Integrated Development Environment designed for the Mass User of PC and Internet, and also is utility for Professional Web Designers and Developers. The environment is intuitive and easy to use, it generates standardized, accessible, attractive and optimized web content. It renders equally in the most browsers. The software is suitable to construct personal, company, presentational and informative sites. RELEASE COBATA (X)HTML Constructor 1.19 Free, Win32 - English COBATA (X)HTML Constructor 1.69 Base, Win32 - English COBATA (X)HTML Constructor 1.19 Init, OSX32 - English COBATA (X)HTML Constructor 1.69 Rise, OSX32 - English Free Base Usage unlimited time unlimited time Computers 10 10 Support yes yes Editing Feature yes Other Features yes

Automated Windows Services stopping tool. The tool requires your administrative privileges to run, because the Windows Services require administrative privileges. Default settings are provided to control your system usage, the settings can be changed and adjusted to meet your needs. RELEASE COBATA Win Services Stopper 1.55, Win32 - English Usage unlimited time Computers 5 Support yes

Website selling solution, designed to be light, fast and easy customizable; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant: designed to collect the minimum personal data needed, like the provided payment e-mail and name, and for monitoring purposes the Internet Protocol (IP) address. RELEASE COBATA Software Store
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