Update To: COBATA (X)HTML Constructor 1.69 Rise 0.00 € Changes from 1.51 Rise to 1.53 Rise: 1. Added main menu item(s) Edit/ 'Delete All' for all design objects deletion. 2. Added software Exit/ Close confirmation dialog. 3. Time optimizations. Changes from 1.53 Rise to 1.56 Rise: 1. A security fix and an improvement. 2. Generalization. Init and Rise editions merged and conditionally compiled. 3. Refactoring. Cross-platform compilation. Changes from 1.56 Rise to 1.57 Rise: 1. Supporting image file formats: GIF, PNG. Changes from 1.57 Rise to 1.59 Rise: 1. Windows <-> Darwin compatibilities. 2. Graphical User Interfaces compatibilities. 3. GUI focus fix. 4. Sandboxing. Changes from 1.59 Rise to 1.61 Rise: 1. Revision version with an UX improvement. 2. Added main menu item Help/ 'Change Log'. Changes from 1.61 Rise to 1.65 Rise: 1. Added main menu item Help/ 'Community...'. 2. Store related changes. Changes from 1.65 Rise to 1.66 Rise: 1. Revision version with a project compilation warning fix. Changes from 1.66 Rise to 1.69 Rise: 1. Text objects wrapping and justifying. 2. Document Title fix related to the IDE. 3. Store related changes. Request: From the e-mail the software has been sent; To e-mail Powered by COBATA (X)HTML Constructor 1.0
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